Webinar: The right tool for managing your security operation

[On demand] As technology becomes increasingly more complex, overseeing every detail of all systems poses an ever-faster-growing challenge. Here is the tool you need to stay in control.

Development and innovation is constantly ongoing. Many organizations use a mix of modern and old platforms, and these platforms are controlled differently.

Deep understanding and management of all IT systems is out of reach for a human if we do not implement the right tools to stay in control.

In this webinar we demonstrate how Qualys’ cloud-based solution and the broad range of integrations they have to your current IT platforms can simplify your security operation.

This will give you control of your IT systems and web applications.

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Short introduction to security operations

Panel discussion: What to consider before you start?

  1. How many internal resources do I need to allocate to get this setup to work well? Are more resources needed in the beginning and then fewer?
  2. To what degree should I implement automatic response options? What should I consider before implementing them?
  3. Should I expect more false positives in the beginning and how should I handle these?
  4. How do you assure a good relationship with the operations team – in-house or external? What is some good advice to make sure the process runs smoothly?
  5. What milestones does a typical roll-out plan contain?
  6. What are the most common pitfalls in a POC process – the things I wish I knew before I’m 3 weeks into the project?

The first step

Sverrir Thor Hakonarson, Technical Account Manager – Nordics, Qualys

Sverrir has 20 years of experience in IT, of which 14 years are specifically in IT security. Sverrir has a B.Sc. degree in Management and holds several vendor technical certifications.

Daniel Tolboe Handler, Security Analyst, Dubex

Daniel is a security analyst at Dubex Security Analytics Center (SAC) where he works with monitoring vulnerability scans for a range of customers. Daniel has an MSc in Engineering from DTU and has a GCIH certification from SANS.

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