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24/7 Incident Response

We’re Always On to Protect Your Business

24-hour Incident Response support

When a cyberattack threatens to put your business out of play, time is crucial. A rapid response can significantly reduce damage.

At Dubex, our specialists are equipped with the right tools and expertise to swiftly identify and neutralize the threat, ensuring your business is back on track within hours.

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    With 25 years of experience, Dubex has sharpened its expertise in cybercrime and security technologies. Our team holds high-level certifications in penetration testing, incident response, and forensics. We handle critical IT crises for a broad spectrum of organizations both in Denmark and internationally, constantly enhancing our skills.

    Early Bird tickets available

    Join us at Dubex Summit 24

    Dubex Summit 24

    September 5, 2024

    DGI Conference, Tietgensgade 65

    1704 København, Danmark

    Early Bird tickets before July 1st

    1.200 kr. Normal price: 1.495 kr.

    Dubex Summit 24: AI in Cyber – Friend or Foe?

    An entire day of cybersecurity knowledge, war stories, demos and networking

    Join 250+ cyber professionals for this years’ Dubex Summit we ask the question “AI in Cyber: Friend or Foe?”.

    Threat actors are constantly innovating new attack methods that traditional security
    solutions struggle to defend against. At the same time, AI offers powerful tools to your
    defenses such as threat detection, hunting and automated incident response.

    Across keynotes, war stories, demos and panel discussions you’ll learn from industry experts
    and thought leaders at Dubex Summit 24 to discover the strategy, leadership, and tools you need to balance the dual nature of Artificial Intelligence in cyber.

    Dubex Summit has existed for 18 years and is regarded as one of the main knowledge gathering events for cybersecurity professionals.

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