BIOFOS: Reducing operating costs and increasing efficiency

BIOFOS takes reliable and capable care of the used water from around 1.2 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area. For BIOFOS, the waste products that are flushed out with consumers’ used water are a source of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy. Waste is an important resource which becomes CO2-neutral electricity, gas for the urban gas network and heat for the district heating network.

BIOFOS has 169 employees, including a number of trainees, apprentices and student assistants.

It all depends on IT

Denmark’s largest wastewater centre, BIOFOS, receives almost 3,000 litres of wastewater every second. All technology is computer-controlled and monitored around the clock to ensure a good water environment in Greater Copenhagen. Dubex ensures that their IT security is in order.

The BIOFOS plant for wastewater treatment and incineration of waste products such as sludge, operate around the clock on a three-shift system.

All systems can be monitored and remotely controlled over networks by using our SCADA system (control, regulation and monitoring of the technical process plant).

“We must be a leader in wastewater treatment, and we want to inform and show our technology to the public. Dubex ensures that we live a quiet life on our network without viruses and hackers despite home workstations, mobile devices, workgroups, providers and consultants on the network.”

BIOFOS must, at all times, be able to document the processes to environmental authorities and other stakeholders.

With environmental and information systems, data from laboratories, logbooks from security shifts, monitoring and operating systems, etc., there is plenty to attend to.

“Without IT, we simply do not know what is happening and we have no documentation. The sabotage of our systems could also endanger nature, our employees and the public, and we therefore use several security products in some places for the same task, such as web filters. We also try to pursue a sensible IT policy in relation to our users who know that they are being logged but otherwise do not notice the process.”

We discuss with Dubex

“Our business is constantly evolving with new requirements from stakeholders and users, and IT must support this. Dubex takes back-ups of our security systems so we can always download a configuration should our server go up in smoke. And having experienced experts from Dubex for competent feedback and advice is worth its weight in gold. They can quickly prioritise and initiate a task,” Carsten says. 

Two people, equivalent to one full-time employee in man hours, are responsible for the security and technology around the administrative IT systems for 135 users at BIOFOS. 

As far as possible, they choose standard IT solutions with easy access to new versions.

“Having experienced experts from Dubex for competent feedback and advice is worth its weight in gold.”

Carsten Thirsing – IT Manager, Biofos

Collaboration on several levels

BIOFOS uses DEMS from Dubex, which is outsourcing of operations, maintenance, administration and monitoring of IT security systems. 

“It is important to choose the right provider for services and competent feedback. Dubex is familiar with our problems and the business, e.g. they take the time to come out for a company tour and see what we do. They contribute to a good climate of cooperation both on a technical and human level”, Carsten concludes.

BIOFOS uses Dubex as a total provider of IT security. Among other things, Dubex helps with the following solutions:

  • Mobility
  • Authentication
  • Active network security
  • WAN optimisation
  • Attack detection
  • Antivirus
  • Firewall and VPN security
  • Wireless networking
  • Support

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