Fortum: Saving resources for core competencies 

Fortum is one of Denmark’s and Europe’s leading plants with a capacity for incineration of approx. 200,000 tonnes of hazardous waste.

Employees: There are 185 employees.

Fortum Waste Solutions’ customers report detailed information on the nature of their waste when it is delivered for disposal. Dubex helps Fortum to secure IT systems and sensitive information, as well as ensuring high uptime.

Our business depends on IT security

Fortum Waste Solutions treats hazardous waste such as waste oil, paint remnants and solvents that are harmful to the environment. Fortum Waste Solutions’ customers connect to a system that contains all the tools to use in the handling of deliveries of hazardous waste as well as statistical options, etc. The system is designed to help Fortum Waste Solutions’ customers handle their waste easily, safely and correctly in accordance with the law.

“IT security is critical to our business. If our IT systems are down, the logistics of waste collection will be made more difficult for our customers, carriers and ourselves. Uptime is absolutely crucial. Our customers also need to be certain that their information is in safe hands. Dubex helps us to secure the solution, so our customers have a reliable system that makes it easy to deliver their waste” – Claus Jørgensen, Head of IT at Fortum Waste Solutions

Outsourcing provides core competencies - and saves resources

Fortum Waste Solutions has a professional and proven IT security solution that meets their requirements for functionality and security. In addition to consulting and implementing the security solution, Dubex provides documentation that tells Fortum Waste Solutions’ customers about the high data security as well as guidelines on how to access the system.

Fortum Waste Solutions has chosen to outsource their IT security to Dubex with a support agreement with onsite support, help desk and remote support that ensures them ongoing changes, updates and development of the solution. In addition, Dubex holds quarterly meetings with Fortum Waste Solutions, where news and opportunities in relation to everything from system changes to the use of web services are discussed.

“We outsource IT security to Dubex so we always have the necessary specialist knowledge at hand. Challenges in relation to IT are constantly changing, and it would be very costly if we had to have these competencies internally. Our Dubex consultants keep their finger on the pulse and ensure that we are always updated and do not make inappropriate changes to our systems that open a door to unauthorised individuals.”

Fortum Waste Solutions exploits the values of hazardous waste 

By far the majority of waste is incinerated in three rotary kilns at approx. 1,200 ° C.

“The core of our work is to create value from hazardous waste. We do this, for example, by using the surplus heat from the incineration to supply the majority of Nyborg Municipality with environmentally friendly district heating and electricity,” concludes Claus Jørgensen.

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