T. Hansen: Check Point support solution

T. Hansen Gruppen A/S is a Danish store chain founded in 1991, which under the name thansen.dk sells car equipment and spare parts, scooters, bicycles, fireworks, and various gadgets. The head office is located in Middelfart, from where they distribute goods to their customers 24 hours a day. T. Hansen has a staff of 750 who work in their headoffice and their 76 stores in Denmark and Norway (2020).

Hansen’s 76 (2020) stores are operated centrally, and are therefore dependent on a reliable connection to the head office, warehouse and remote warehouse. Dubex helps ensure uptime and smooth IT security.

Hansen Gruppen’s 750 employees generate an annual turnover of more than DKK 800 million in their 76 stores (2020). The business chain offers free delivery from day to day, a one-year return policy and the concept “delivered or no charge”. The items covered by the agreement are free of charge if not delivered on time. This places great demands on logistics and operational reliability.

“We cannot sell our full programme to our customers if the connection between our stores and the head office is down. Consequently, reliability is absolutely crucial for our business,” explains Bo Bommersholt Sørensen, CIO, T. Hansen Gruppen A/S

We have an easy and reliable solution

With 200 employees at the head office, T. Hansen has a total of 700 employees. Together they form an organisation permeated with the mentality; here we do things ourselves. The same applies to their IT systems and the security behind these. The decision for a Check Point solution was made long before Dubex came on as a support partner. Dubex was to help adapt the solution to T. Hansen’s needs. The Check Point solution consists of a central firewall at the head office in Middelfart, which communicates with decentralised firewalls in the stores. And since 2001, T. Hansen has been using its own VPN network. The primary task is to unconditionally ensure the connection between the head office and the stores.

Bo Bommersholt Sørensen explains:
“Nothing is more important than the connection to our stores. Dubex has helped us adapt the solution to our specific needs, so we avoid downtime. We have a stable solution with a rigorous setup that is easy to manage. The solution is clear in terms of setup, rules and policies. This is an advantage in our daily operations, and when we expand with new stores.”

Dubex understands our business

  1. Hansen’s Check Point solution contains a lot of functionality that the company can utilise in the long term. Dubex is a certified Check Point support partner and advises on the possibilities the solution offers as well as current threats and requirements.

“Dubex listens to our needs and requirements, and they understand our business. We have a smooth collaboration, where we are allowed to manage things ourselves even with a specialised sounding board at hand. We feel prioritised and Dubex always reports with relevant opportunities or risks that we should take action on,” says Bo Bommersholt Sørensen.

A sounding board for the future

Dubex uses its combined experience and expertise to advise clients on individual and general IT security issues. When T. Hansen experienced attempts to destabilise their webshops in 2014, Dubex helped implement an F5 solution that handles and controls network traffic to and from the online stores.

“We consult Dubex when we have to make important decisions in relation to security in our business,” tells Bo Bommersholt Sørensen.

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