About Dubex

Dubex is Denmark's leading business-oriented IT security partner, delivering and supporting security systems at over 500 locations around the world.

Dubex since 1997

Since 1997 we have helped companies and public institutions managing risk, adapting to changes and grow more flexibly. With deep industry and technical expertise, a comprehensive product portfolio and a proven track record, Dubex is the ideal partner for IT teams who want to contribute to their company's success.

The first company with ISO 27001 certification

Dubex is the first Danish company to achieve the ISO 27001 certification in information security as regards development, delivery and support of solutions and services within IT-security. In this way, Dubex is the first security provider that is able to supply documentation of a well-managed IT-security. 

We maintain focus on industries and customer needs

In addition to monitoring the IT-security market, we keep up with our customers’ situation. Our consultants are specialists in many different industries, where we tailor individual solutions and services. Dubex helps our customers with:  

  • Analysis and planning
    Counselling, demand analysis, policies, specification and planning of new solutions
  • Delivery and implementation
    Delivery of solutions based on components and systems from leading producers. Implementation, setup, tests, operation and knowledge sharing with key employees.

  • Support and counselling
    Support on various service levels for small, medium and large companies.

  • Operation and surveillance
    Operation, maintenance, surveillance, administration and reporting according to various needs.