Dubex Summit 23

Dubex Summit 23

Sep 28, 2023

DGI Conference, Tietgensgade 65, 1704 København V

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During the past year, cybersecurity has experienced hybrid war, attacks on infrastructure and new requirements for safe data use and security. All of which has and will continuously affect many companies. At Dubex Summit 23, we expose the current threat landscape, demonstrating and discussing the challenges our customers meet daily. Dubex Summit 23 will enrich and inspire you with the necessary knowledge to deal with the challenges ahead.     

The event is hosted at the centre of Copenhagen, with easy access to public transport, accommodation and parking. Follow the link above to read more about the program, details concerning the conference and how to secure a ticket.

Last year, in 2022, we opened the doors for Dubex Summit 22 – and we’ll do it again in Autumn 2023 – September 28th.

Summit 22 was a succesfull event, we got a lot of positive feedback from participants, speakers and our own employees. In 2023 we have heightened our expectations a nudge and to accommodate that best we decided to move the event to later in the year.

Like all previous years the program will present strong cybersecurity profiles and experts. More details to follow in the new year – so sign up now to make sure to receive a direct invitation.

The previous year in cybersecurity has brought with it hybrid war, attacks on infrastructure and new requirements for safe datause and security which all has affected and continously will affect a wide range of companies. Therefore we will make sure that the program will reflect the current threat landscape and everything we and our costumers meet of challenges and make sure that you with your participation in Dubex Summit will be enriched and inspired to be better prepared to deal with the challenges ahead.

The event will be held close to the center of Copenhagen, with easy access to public transport, accommodation and attached parking.

Photos from Summit 2023

Have a look at some of the photos from our recent Cybersecurity summit in Copenhagen.

Dubex Summit 2022


The program had both international and danish speakers who talked about  a wide range of new and up-to-date knowledge and perspectives about current threats, tools, methods, insights into the world of cyber security, how to navigate in it and lead your company in the right direction. Subjects we will cover in the next event as well.

Who can participate?

Dubex Summit addresses professionals within cyber and information security, with contributions at technical and management levels.

The number of tickets is limited, and Dubex reserves the right to reject registrations beyond our target group and from competitors to Dubex and/or our partners.


Participation will have a small fee. This is to secure the quality of the speakers and limiting the number of partners and sponsors at the conference. The payment helps to cover some of the costs for location and catering.

Pre-sign up

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    Questions about the event, please contact:

    Stine Gjering Frederiksen

    Marketing Manager

    Christian Jul Jensen

    Chief Sales & Marketing Officer