New partnership to strengthen Dubex threat intelligence

Dubex has signed the world’s largest intelligence company Recorded Future as a collaboration partner.

With this collaboration, we will further increase quality by implementing unmatched intelligence into our services. It will support our mission to reduce detection and response times for our customers – and at the same time accelerate decision-making for our analysts in Dubex Cyber Defense Center.

We will strengthen our work with threat intelligence in three areas:

SecOps intelligence: provides threat information and risk indicators directly into our SIEM platform which contributes to Dubex Cyber Defense Center being able to respond faster to threats and have an even better basis for avoiding to work with false positives.

Threat intelligence: will strengthen our research work and give us a deeper insight into threats and also to a greater degree insights into new threats in real time. We already use threat intel and threat feed from other recognized suppliers.

Vulnerability intelligence: gives us monitoring of vulnerabilities that exist and occur. We use, among other things, the module in our threat alert service – and with this as a basis, we get faster and better insights into the vulnerabilities.

“We are very excited for our new partnership with Recorded Future. Recorded Future specialize in proving the best and most up-to date threat intelligence and in that way support our and our customer's business. Up to date threat intelligence is vital to provide a fast response in protecting against advanced cyberattacks. Now we are gaining this intelligence, making it possible for Dubex to utilize this information, helping end-customers protecting and defending their business against cyberattacks.“

- Jacob Herbst, CTO, Dubex

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