Awareness training Stine Frederiksen March 20, 2022

Awareness Training

With a security analysis, you are given an overview of your company’s actual security level and challenges.

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The biggest threat comes from within

Digitisation creates new growth opportunities, but at the same time increases the company’s vulnerability in relation to ensuring performance, compliance and sensitive data. The explosive growth of new malware, ransomware, phishing emails, etc., puts great demands on your internal security measures and employees’ knowledge about digital behaviour. The biggest threat comes from within, where employees inadvertently compromise security — and it’s usually only a matter of time before it goes wrong.

The awareness program

The Dubex Awareness Training Programme focuses on general and specific threats and ensures that all employees know how to act when they experience something suspicious. The programme is delivered as a complete package including print material and project management. Thus, it requires a minimal consumption of your resources.

The training programme has been developed in close collaboration between Dubex Governance, Risk & Compliance specialists, ISO 27001 specialists, security specialists as well as communications specialists to achieve optimal benefits. The programme is continuously developed as we experience new challenges in terms of digital behaviour.

We know from experience that IT security and good IT behaviour can be difficult for users to understand. Therefore, Dubex Awareness training is offered in several different languages, allowing users to achieve the optimal learning.

The Awareness material and e-courses can be provided in all languages. Danish and English are included in the standard prices.


The right security at the market’s best price

Dubex provides awareness training to match your company’s needs and budget.


  • Awareness training for an organisation with 100 employees starts from DKK 19,995
  • Awareness training for an organisation with 1,000 employees starts from DKK 79,995


Awareness training is a good business case

When we look at the potential of awareness training and the risk overview that appears, when Dubex’s security specialists visit various organisations, we find that moving higher up the awareness-maturity scale is most often good business.


Optimal learning is achieved in the native language

Dubex Awareness material and e-courses can be provided in all languages.
Danish and English are included in the standard prices.

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