Cyber Defence Visuel February 18, 2022

Cyber Defence

Detect & Discover
As network devices and traffic become increasingly complex, vigilant monitoring of their activity is crucial. Understanding the vulnerabilities within your IT systems is a key step towards enhanced security. At Dubex's Cyber Defence Center, our security specialists continuously monitor, analyze, and respond to incidents and attack patterns. We provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to strengthen your cyber defence:
Cyber Defence

Our Cyber Defence Center is the core of our Cyber Defence services. Our experts monitor security threats on your behalf 24x7x365.

Cyber Defence

Adding the best in class service for end point detection and response

Cyber Defence

With Dubex’s Threat Alerts, you stay informed about the threats that are relevant to your business, and only get alarms when it is necessary for you to act.

Cyber Defence

A honeypot is like a camouflaged tripwire with a bell at the end that alerts the security team early about potential external dangers. This is a critical tool for security operations when it comes to early detection of attacks.


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