Dubex Incident Response Team Stine Frederiksen March 18, 2022

Dubex Incident Response Team

Dubex knows the importance of fast action when the chips are down

24-hour support

Our security consultants have in-depth insight into tools and processes that can limit the damage from an attack and help re-establish the backup and recovery system, etc. in the event of compromise. For example, they can quickly scan large amounts of log files and locate the problem using special programs and experienced eyes, which together manage to spot patterns that deviate from the usual.

Dubex’s Incident Response Team offers 24-hour support, where our “security ambulance” responds with equipment and specialist knowledge that ensures you the right advice and process to locate, isolate and remedy security incidents.

Time is of the essence when a cyberattack puts your business out of play. A quick response can minimise damage.

Hacking as a service

Hackers can gain access to your business if they have the motivation and the means. And they have. They are constantly developing and using new technologies. Cloud data and outsourcing solutions to third parties, etc. make it more complicated for companies to respond to attacks because they lack insight into their critical infrastructure that is managed by other companies. At the same time, attacks have become more advanced, targeted and frequent.

Many companies experience daily attacks on their systems and it can be a crippling experience. Dubex’s Incident Response & Forensics Services respond quickly and gets an overview so we know exactly what has happened. We contain the problem and remedy it.

Address tomorrow’s challenge, today.

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