Forensics Stine Frederiksen March 18, 2022


One thing is to remedy the urgent problem, it’s another to find out how the attack could happen and ensure that it does not happen again.

Investigating the incident

At Dubex we have a Forensics team whose task is to collect evidence of what happened during the attack and how the attack proceeded. We examine computers and servers and analyse them down to bit level. 

Our specialised team finds backdoors, examines log files and checks everything that can indicate what caused the attack.

Stuffed toolbox and skilled technicians

We have all the tools that can analyse the disk right down to the last bit and byte and exceptionally skilled technicians with lots of training, education and experience, which ensures you the best possible help. 

Our team’s experience ensures you a quick and competent remedying and clarification of the problem and ensures that your company is back on track again. 

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