Security Maturity Asessment Stine Frederiksen March 18, 2022

Security Maturity Assessment

Gives you an overview  that allows you to clearly see your company’s maturity level and IT security goals

What we do

Dubex conducts one-day interviews with key people from the company, who work in the fields of organisational, physical and IT technical security, based on the 15 best practice areas from ISO 27002.

This information is then analysed and prepared in a report. The report contains:

  • A general overview of the current IT security
  • Recommendations for the most important IT security improvements
  • An executive summary with a conclusion on the organisation’s maturity level and IT security targets

The most critical recommendations are highlighted in the report.

Download our Security Maturity Assesment Product Sheet here.


The Dubex Security Maturity Assessment can be supplemented with:

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