Dubex Product support Stine Frederiksen September 29, 2022

Dubex Product Support​

A pay-as-you-go service with access to Dubex support team


Pay-as-you-go contingency plan

Dubex Product Support gives you access to Dubex Security Operation Center (SOC), leading certified security experts on your various security solutions. We have long and close relations to various security product vendors, and have knowledge and experience to deal with problem escalations to 3rd level and R&Ds. Dubex product support is a pay-as-you-go contingency plan offered on these vendors: Check Point, Broadcom, Trend Micro, Cyberark and Logrythm.

Dubex SOC is a partner working as an extended part of your it-department, who are experienced working in complex environments with many technologies and vendors. We focus on the customers’ requirements and the solution needed and will advise if the customers plans deviate from good security practices.

With our large customer base, we get experiences with trends and faults with upgrades and patches and different errors that all our customers can benefit from. The SOC case management system where all tickets are logged and can be used as reference in i.e., firewall rules for audit purposes and documentation.

Dubex has documented working processes and are certified ISO 27001 and ISAE 3000.

Product Support Product Sheet    Download our Dubex Product Support Product Sheet here

Everyone have challenges

Most it-departments are faced with:

  • Skills shortage
  • Limited budget availability
  • Lack of documented processes
  • Focus and hope on technology fixing the probles
  • Complexity
  • Uncertainty about the mission from the business
  • … and the business demands flexibility and agility with new projects, fast changes and uninterrupted operations

Key service benefits

  • Personal service and deeply committed security specialists in 1st line support
  • Direct support channels / agreements with vendors – know how to work efficient and have direct path to escalation
  • Large experience in integration solutions from different vendors

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