Severin Collins, LogRhythm

Ready to Defend – Don’t bring flipflops to a 100m sprint

Cyberattacks and threats such as phishing, malware and continuous ransomware challenge security teams on a daily basis. During the pandemic and with the new increased flexibility of work, office and data locations, efficient and effective security teams have never been more critical. 

The constant evolution of security tooling is all about providing real-time visibility to detect and respond earlier, faster and more effectively to threats and attacks circumventing existing security controls of the ever changing attack surface.

During this session, LogRhythm’s Severin Collins, Senior Enterprise Sales Engineer will discuss how you can ensure your security operations team has the visibility and tools they need to reduce your organisations’ response times. 

As part of this discussion, the team will explore: 

  • The evolution of security tooling and what is critical to any organisations tech stack
  • The Gartner SOC Visibility Triad and why it is still relevant
  • Real-life use-cases and tips for getting buy in from your board to support your investment requirements

Join us for this interactive session and gain actionable insights to help you defend and protect critical data and infrastructure from emerging cyberthreats.

About Severin Collins

Senior Enterprise Sales Engineer at LogRhythm.

Severin Collins is passionate about security and loves what he does. As a Senior Enterprise Sales Engineer at LogRhythm he is responsible for pre-sales activities working directly with customers and partners in EMEA. Severin has over 20 years’ experience in Information Security working for global brands such as McAfee International, Palo Alto Networks and NTT Security to name a few in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as the UK where he is based now. His experience includes technical pre-sales, risk assessment and analysis, technical training, and support, as well as leadership and team management.

About LogRhythm

LogRhythm helps busy and lean security operations teams save the day — day after day. There’s a lot riding on the shoulders of security professionals — the reputation and success of their company, the safety of citizens and organisations across the globe, the security of critical resources — the weight of protecting the world.  

LogRhythm helps lighten this load. The company is on the frontlines defending against many of the world’s most significant cyberattacks and empowers security teams to navigate an ever-changing threat landscape with confidence. As allies in the fight, LogRhythm combines a comprehensive and flexible security operations platform, technology partnerships, and advisory services to help SOC teams close the gaps. Together, LogRhythm and our customers are ready to defend.

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