Clive Gladwin, Symantec

Security for the Cloud or on premise?

“Come to the Cloud, you don’t need to worry about that legacy stuff” Sound familiar? You don’t have to choose.

Over the last year, Gartner’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture has been influencing how organisations of all sizes think about cloud security and the benefits of an integrated solution. SASE brings together network Access and Security components, but security professionals focus on the subset of this called Security Service Edge (SSE).  

So, the concept provides us with a great goodie bag of capabilities that underpins a vision for the security parts of SASE. But what now? Where do you start? Can you develop a security plan with confidence that it can be delivered over time?  In this session we will discuss these topics and more as well as exploring how to address them with a security architecture powered by Symantec. 

Join our session to learn about Symantec’s approach to delivering security and how it delivers:

  • Hybrid security control framework
  • Simplified, cost-effective, data-centric security
  • Fast and frictionless user access from any device and location

About Clive Gladwin

Clive is a Senior Principal Solutions Engineer at Symantec. He has worked in the IT industry for more than 30 years and has operational experience in both the public and private sectors. Prior to joining Symantec he was the IM Security Manager at Transport for London (TfL)

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