Managed EDR – the next generation of endpoint security

Facing a new generation of more sophisticated cyberattacks, access to intelligence and insights, it has never been more important to protect intellectual property and company assets. Attacks happens much faster than ever before, hence the need of getting detailed information is crucial to react instantly. With a Managed EDR and MDR you are on the forefront with the incoming unknown threats and attacks.

Knowledge has become a critical possession within endpoint security, knowing more than 86% of all cyberattacks start at the endpoint (being devices such as smartphones, computers, wearables etc)*. A reason for this is that traditional endpoint solutions fail to detect new advanced attacks in time for prevention. Threat actors and targeted malware are becoming more skilled in bypassing antivirus software. Not to understate the consequences of the increasing number of devices with access to enterprise networks, and also the known weaknesses in human behaviour.

Next generation of enterprise endpoint security take a more proactive approach to managing complex cyber threats, by combining machine learning, artificial intelligence, and human judgement and intuition. This is found in Dubex new Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) service.

A 24/7 Managed EDR and MDR solution

Dubex Managed EDR service provides full spectrum detection, protection, and visibility in real time. As an integrated endpoint security solution, we can detect if malware has been installed on an endpoint. Through integrated behavioural autonomous AI agents, it collects reports and correlates behavioural data across all endpoints.

On top of Managed EDR, the Dubex Cyber ​​Defense Center (CDC) provides a 24/7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, where experienced cybersecurity analysts correlate endpoint data and monitor alarms. With their access to the telemetry at the individual endpoint, they can ensure greater in-depth analysis of incidents at endpoints, and reduction of false positives, for clients to receive qualified alarms.

Together, the service identify potential security risks and classifies them, as well as ensuring timely alerting and automatic mitigation of incidents.

How to get started

Based on professional advice and sparring from our cybersecurity consultants, we assist clients with recommendations on what endpoints to monitor. From there, Dubex Cyber Defence Center ensures a structured onboarding for the implementation of these endpoints to the service. 

Download our Managed EDR Product Sheet here.

Learn more about Dubex Managed EDR and MDR services here.

* Source: 2022 BrightCloud® Threat Report, 2022

Why Dubex?

We have more than 25 years of experience with cybersecurity and with the technology. Our organisation is experienced in 7×24 monitoring and in Incident Response tools. This makes us eligible to support and use the full potential of the technology and we know all the value it has.

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