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Email spoofing is a form of cyber-attack commonly used in phishing attacks and scams. Its purpose is to trick users into thinking a message came from a person or entity they trust. The manipulated email is sent by a hacker and may contain malicious links or false information.
We are at the beginning of a new year, so now is a good opportunity to predict some of the challenges we are facing in the coming year. Ransomware continues to be the type of attack with the biggest impact on our customers
We've witnessed significant changes to the geopolitical landscape with the Russian war against Ukraine and the growing tensions between China and the West. This past year has caused major changes to the global world order and with it, also the cybersecurity landscape.
Facing a new generation of more sophisticated cyberattacks, access to intelligence and insights, it has never been more important to protect intellectual property and company assets. Attacks happens much faster than ever before, hence the need of getting detailed information is crucial to react instantly. With a Managed EDR and MDR you are on the forefront with the incoming unknown threats and attacks.