Telenor and Dubex Enter Strategic Partnership to Enhance Cybersecurity in Business

A new strategic partnership between Telenor and Dubex aims to help Danish businesses enhance their cybersecurity level at a time when cyber threats are greater than ever. For Telenor, the partnership means strengthening its position in the security field, while Dubex gains a strong partner in mobile device management.

Today, Telenor and Dubex announce a strategic partnership aimed at creating a higher level of security for Telenor’s business customers. Over the past few years, Telenor has developed a portfolio of security services targeted at business customers, and this partnership further expands these efforts.

The partnership underscores a shared ambition to help Danish companies arm themselves against the cyber threat that follows in the wake of high digitalization in Denmark. According to Telenor, all companies should work more proactively in this regard moving forward.

“Through our collaboration with Dubex, we will strengthen Telenor’s portfolio of security products for the increasing number of business customers who seek a deeper and broader dialogue about securing their critical infrastructure. The cyber threat against Danish companies has never been greater, so the timing is perfect,” says Mikkel Kruse, Business Director at Telenor.

With Dubex, customers’ infrastructure will be monitored and analyzed from the security firm’s Cyber Defence Center in Søborg to identify abnormal events, errors, attack patterns, and alarms. Additionally, Dubex offers a response team that can assist customers in emergencies.

While Telenor will resell Dubex’s various security solutions, Dubex will sell Telenor’s products and services in the field of mobile device management. Dubex’s CEO, Gorm Mandsberg, also sees great opportunities in the partnership:

“Telenor is a major and important player in Scandinavia with incredibly strong competencies in device management, an area where we have long been looking for a reliable partner. Therefore, there is no doubt that we will complement each other well in our respective areas with this partnership.”


Gorm Mandsberg, CEO of Dubex, and Mikkel Kruse, Business Director of Telenor. Photo: Claus Andersen

Partnerships for future growth

For Telenor, the partnership is an important step towards the ambition of establishing an ecosystem of partners who can collectively elevate and develop the market.

“Dubex is internationally recognized and experts in an area where new threats constantly emerge. This partnership greatly underscores the opportunities we see in working closely with partners who excel in their respective fields, where together we can create increased value—not only for each other and the market but especially for our customers. Therefore, we are, of course, pleased to see that the interest is already significant,” says Mikkel Kruse.

The ambition is for both the product portfolio and the collaboration to develop over time. For example, by developing additional products either together or individually, which can help strengthen the two companies’ respective positions in the market.


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