Tryghedsgruppen: Peace of mind with Dubex monitoring

TryghedsGruppen is the largest shareholder in Tryg and is behind TrygFonden. TryghedsGruppen is the “mother” of the Tryg family. TryghedsGruppen invests time, commitment and finances in strengthening safety in Denmark. They do this through active ownership of Tryg and membership work and through TrygFonden’s non-profit activities.

Since the start in 1998, a number of small and large icons have made safety visible to Danes and shown how everyone can strengthen safety for themselves and others. Redningskransen (The Lifebuoy) is one of these icons.

TryghedsGruppen manages foundation grants via TrygFonden and stores personal data. The Dubex Security Analytics Center helps monitor data and systems by monitoring and analysing what is happening on the network. It creates peace of mind and time to focus on the business.

“The reality now is that we have to deal with more and more threats. It’s no longer a question of whether we will be affected – but rather when.” Lars Steenberg, IT Manager at TryghedsGruppen.

“The reality now is that we have to deal with more and more threats. It’s no longer a question of whether we will be affected, but rather when. With the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, data security becomes even more important. Among other things, we manage personal information from applicants for foundation grants and we must take care of that data,” says Lars Steenberg, Head of IT at TryghedsGruppen.

He had Dubex conduct a 360-degree Security Analysis to uncover their biggest security risks.

“I needed an overview of where I should use my strengths best in the field of IT security, and Dubex’s security analysis could give me that. With the CSC case, and several other cases in the media, I also needed to be able to tell our management that we have systems to monitor our networks and data. With the analysis, I also received recommendations for handling security policies and awareness in the organisation, so it was a good starting point for a long-term prioritisation and effort,” explains Steenberg.

Outsourcing ensures expertise and business focus

Based on the security analysis, Steenberg purchased Dubex’s Awareness Training Programme to train employees in good digital behaviour. As the only man managing IT security at TryghedsGruppen, the next step was outsourcing the monitoring and analysis of security incidents on networks and servers to the Dubex Cyber Defence Center (CDC).

“IT security is an area that is just growing and growing. I have neither the time nor the expertise to maintain the desired level of security. So it’s a good solution and a great relief to outsource, and I can concentrate on the business,” says Lars, who has visited Dubex’s Analytics Centre:

“It’s frightening and fascinating to see how many attacks are happening globally. It was exciting to see the dedicated personnel keeping an eye on our network. It gives a sense of security and peace of mind that we are quickly able to detect attacks and react before we lose data or our systems are shut down.”

I have neither the time nor the expertise to maintain the desired level of security. So it’s a good solution and great relief to outsource, and I can concentrate on the business.”

Lars Steenberg, Head of IT at TryghedsGruppen

Employees must also be secure

According to Lars, it is not only management that needs to know that IT security is taken care of. IT security scandals are also scary for the individual employee who risks becoming the cause of a security incident.

“Our employees are aware that they are a target for attackers and therefore pose a risk to the organisation if they carry out an incorrect action. At a joint meeting, I explained how Dubex’s SAC team is a kind of security company for our IT security. There was a positive response to Dubex helping us detect attacks that have managed to pass our defences.”

From uncertainty to overview

After an analysis phase and dialogue about the overall solution, Dubex initiated a tuning process at TryghedsGruppen. The system tools collect information and TryghedsGruppen receives a report on what’s happening on the network. Which activities or access must be available or closed before the system is put into operation is then jointly determined.

“The process with the SAC team has run smoothly in the same way as when we carried out the awareness campaign. Dubex draws on the experience of many different customers and they have been in the business for many years. That knowledge benefits me. They have a very practical approach to things and know how to get them implemented,” concludes Lars.

About Dubex Cyber Defence Center

Dubex’s CDC team gives you an overview of critical incidents in your network – and documentation on compliance. You get a team of selected experts who monitor and analyse incidents and attack patterns in your log files 24/7 – and contact you with critical alarms. Our experienced specialists are constantly searching the market for new threats and trends. This knowledge is added to your processes and your ability to respond to security incidents. Read more

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