Case Stories Visuel June 13, 2024
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An effective Privileged Access Management solution improved processes, documentation, and security procedure automation.
With Dubex Incident Response & Forensics Services, Hørsholm Municipality has strengthened its IT security preparedness. The municipality saves costly, internal IT resources and today has a whole team of IT experts they can reach out to in the event of an attack.
Hansen’s 76 (2020) stores are operated centrally, and are therefore dependent on a reliable connection to the head office, warehouse and remote warehouse. Dubex helps ensure uptime and smooth IT security.
Sund & Bælt invests its energy on ensuring that IT supports the business. Resource-intensive operational tasks are outsourced to specialists such as Dubex. Over 10 million vehicles, the vast majority of which are passenger cars, cross the Great Belt Bridge in the course of a single year. As one of Denmark’s central traffic hubs, security, including IT security, is crucial for Sund & Bælt.
Two employees at Mogens Daarbak A/S experienced problems logging on the IT system on a Monday night. A few hours later, everything was shut down. The IT team then received a message from the hackers about paying a ransom. With seven stores across the country and online shopping on a large scale, Mogens Daarbak A/S is one of the major office supply companies in Denmark. From printer cartridges to office equipment and complete workplaces, anything is possible, and there was nothing unusual about two employees of this dynamic company sitting in the office on Monday evening, 15 March, to get the last bits and pieces done.
TryghedsGruppen manages foundation grants via TrygFonden and stores personal data. The Dubex Security Analytics Center helps monitor data and systems by monitoring and analysing what is happening on the network. It creates peace of mind and time to focus on the business.
In the wake of a new IT security policy, Slagelse Municipality asked Dubex to prepare a 360-degree Security Analysis. The purpose of the analysis was to create a basis for optimal prioritisation of their security activities, operational stability and data security.
Fortum Waste Solutions’ customers report detailed information on the nature of their waste when it is delivered for disposal. Dubex helps Fortum to secure IT systems and sensitive information, as well as ensuring high uptime.
A Symantec Service solution from Dubex gives DFDS an overview of their web traffic and the opportunity to differentiate between security policies and utilise their bandwidth for business-critical traffic.
The emergency drill was well underway. Then came a bomb threat that escalated the situation Realism was at the forefront when Hillerød Forsyning, in collaboration with Dubex, the police and rescue services, ran through a large-scale emergency drill on 3 September. It was a test of the contingency plan that Dubex has helped to design.
It’s crucial that the public feel that their data is in safe hands. That requires ongoing monitoring of network traffic and servers if we are to capture irregular events,
AthGene helps athletes optimise their training based on genetic testing and guidance. Secure storage of sensitive personal data is therefore critical to their business. Consequently they have trained a data security officer responsible for the company complying with procedures and rules in the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which became effective in 2018.
Denmark’s largest wastewater centre, BIOFOS, receives almost 3,000 litres of wastewater every second. All technology is computer-controlled and monitored around the clock to ensure a good water environment in Greater Copenhagen. Dubex ensures that their IT security is in order.