Kalundborg Municipality: Enhanced Efficiency with Privileged Access Management

Kalundborg Municipality, located on the west coast of Zealand, Denmark, is home to approximately 49,000 residents. Known for its rich history and scenic landscapes, it is also a key industrial hub, hosting the pioneering Kalundborg Eco-Industrial Park. The municipality is committed to sustainability and innovation, continually enhancing its public services through modern technology and strategic partnerships.

Handling access procedures in complex IT environments can be challenging, time-consuming, and error-prone. At the same time, new regulations require organizations to document and improve security procedures and control service providers and third parties.

With an effective Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution in collaboration with Dubex, Kalundborg Municipality experienced significant improvements in processes and increased documentation and automation of security procedures.

From Obsolete Methods to Effective PAM

“Our organization faced challenges with outdated password management methods that were cumbersome and inefficient. We realized the need for a more modern approach to password management,” says Emil Lind, Operations Consultant at Kalundborg Municipality, who chose CyberArk’s PAM solution with Dubex as their IT security partner.

Organizations should have a plan for how passwords are rotated based on the privileges of the account. The maturity of the organization affects what this plan should look like. The product should also be thoroughly tested and offer a wide range of features that fit the organization.

Auditing PAM Accounts Enhances IT Security

To enhance security in access procedures, more than just a strong password rotated every three months is required. The key is to implement 2FA and to audit and monitor PAM accounts throughout the organization, ensuring all network users adhere to the PAM policies set by the company. This way, the organization can quickly identify and stop suspicious activity.

“We chose CyberArk because of their 25 years of experience and leading position in PAM solutions. CyberArk introduced us to a whole new world of Privileged Access Management (PAM). Their automated password rotation was particularly advantageous for us, as our previous manual process of rotating passwords was time-consuming and error-prone. Additionally, our need for increased documentation when using external consultants after phasing out our terminal server system was an important factor that CyberArk could meet,” states Emil Lind, Operations Consultant at Kalundborg Municipality.

A good partner is essential for achieving new IT initiatives that meet Kalundborg Municipality’s needs.

“The recommendation from our partner, Dubex, was also crucial, as we had previously had success with their solutions. Our collaboration with Dubex is excellent, and we have positive experiences with their products, which have proven to create efficiencies throughout our organization,” says Emil Lind.

Increased Documentation and Automation of Security Procedures

A centralized solution for identity and privileged account management can provide an overview of access rights and password activities across the organization’s IT infrastructure. The lack of visibility can increase the risk of security breaches and make it difficult to handle compliance requirements.

“At Kalundborg Municipality, we have seen significant improvements in our processes thanks to CyberArk’s PAM solution. Features such as automatic password rotation, remote access, and just-in-time (JIT) privilege assignment have been particularly useful and beneficial for us. Additionally, CyberArk’s video monitoring and API functionality have contributed to increased documentation and automation of our security procedures,” says Emil Lind.

Independent Management of the Solution with a Service Agreement

With a service agreement on PAM, the solution became more accessible and easier to implement in the organization: “Our initial implementation of CyberArk’s PAM solution was challenging and cumbersome. We didn’t have enough knowledge of the product, and the training we had received from another provider was not adequate. Thanks to Dubex’s service agreement, we got off to a good start and are now able to manage the solution independently,” says Emil Lind from Kalundborg Municipality, concluding:

“We are very pleased with our collaboration with Dubex. Dubex is good at informing us about new initiatives. It’s great because we don’t have the time to seek out this information ourselves. Additionally, Dubex is professional, and we can always ask them for advice.”

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