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We are pleased to announce membership in FIRST and TF-CSIRT, which demonstrates the maturity of our Incident Response Team delivery.
Jacob Herbst’s appointment as chair in the Cybersecurity Council is in line with Dubex’s continued work to enhance digital security in Denmark.
5 criteria to select the right MDR partner for your business. The current threat landscape places almost impossible demands on IT security managers, and the way you organise security in your business:
An effective Privileged Access Management solution improved processes, documentation, and security procedure automation.
Every year, we proudly open the doors for Dubex Summit, the largest and most influential cybersecurity conference in Denmark. Join us at this premier event to engage with industry leaders, explore cutting-edge technologies, and participate in discussions shaping the future of cybersecurity. Listen to interviews with the participants at our Summit event for valuable perspectives and insights.
Every year we open the doors for Dubex Summit: the largest and most important cybersecurity conference in Denmark.
Every year we open the doors for Dubex Summit: the largest and most important cybersecurity conference in Denmark.
Every year we open the doors for Dubex Summit: the largest and most important cybersecurity conference in Denmark.
(Danish) The Dubex Incident Response Team (DIRT) helps businesses affected by cyberattacks get back up and running, close any security gaps, thoroughly investigate incidents, and ensure smooth recovery.
(Danish) Martin Thunn, Cyber Security Consultant at Dubex, talks about phishing.
We help with security products, governance, implementation, analysis, operational support. We offer services to help our customers quickly detect and respond to cyber attacks. 25 years of experience.
Early Bird tickets now available. Join the most insightful Cybersecurity Conference of the year.
Version2 welcomes IT managers and security specialists to two exciting days in Copenhagen. More than 4,000 visitors, 80 exhibitors and over 100 seminars will all be contributing to more awareness and knowledge about IT security, cloud solutions, compliance, and cutting edge technologies.
Email spoofing is a form of cyber-attack commonly used in phishing attacks and scams. Its purpose is to trick users into thinking a message came from a person or entity they trust. The manipulated email is sent by a hacker and may contain malicious links or false information.
Dubex has signed the world’s largest intelligence company Recorded Future as a collaboration partner.
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On this seminar Dubex A/S alongside Check Point and Bestyrelsesforeningen will be hosting an exclusive event focusing on the cooperation of management and board of directors.
In today’s digital age, cybersecurity threats are ever-present, and enterprises need to protect their internal resources from unauthorized access. Privileged Access Management (PAM) helps enterprises from cyberthreats by monitoring, auditing, and identifying privileged access.
Meet Dubex at Denmark’s largest expo on Cyber and Information Security